Gift Shop

Gift Shop

Raising money to setup an online gift shop selling personalised gifts that are always different and outside of the box gifts.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I want to turn my dreams into my reality.

Why Am I Crowdfunding?

After creating various gifts for family and friends and being told that I should setup a business selling them I have decided to.

About The Project

I am setting up an online gift shop selling personalised gifts and artwork, primarily selling online but plan to visit fates and craft fairs to promote and sell my products as well as that I am in talks with a few gift shops who want to stock my products once we have launched.

The Future

I plan in the future to help other small businesses by putting their products within various gift sets such as beauty products or even other art work.

Within the two years of being opened I plan to open a small pop-up store in my local shopping centre during business times such as the Christmas period, Valentine’s, Mother and Father’s day, times when people want personalised and unique gifts.