Gift a Garden
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Both myself, and our new adoptee would thoroughly enjoy a garden that can be used, to enable me to get some vitamin D, Belle needs it to run

by Nikki Hades in Hauxton, England, United Kingdom

When we first moved into our property we noticed the garden was large, but thought we could cope. Over successive winters my medical conditions have worsened, leaving me unable to work in the garden, my husband, who is my full-time carer cannot find time to do it either. We are being slowly swallowed by our garden. Last week ago we adopted an English Bulldog called Belle. She and her mother spent two years alone, with access to an unfurnished, cold, empty property, no fresh water or regular food, only the next door neighbours throwing food over the fence to calm their hungry stomachs. As Belle was getting impatient with her mother, they were rehomed separately, with us being the lucky couple to adopt Belle.

Between us we both need an accessible garden. I struggle with steps, but need a regular source of Vitamin D, Belle needs a garden to feel free and to help build up her rear legs that are very unstable.

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