The funds will be to launch the service and provide working capital until break even which is predicted within the first 6 months.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Currently it is difficult for Gibraltar workers living in Spain to travel into and out of Gibraltar, also there is no practical transport between Gibraltar and Malaga Airport.

“Two commuter problems are solved by GibX providing
a practical transport solution that generates profit via
charging commuters a fare”.

An App / Booking system will facilitate two services, phase 01 will be a commuters service for workers in Spain traveling in and out of Gibraltar.
Phase 02 will be a service for commuters traveling between Gibraltar and Malaga airport.
A Partnership with Malaga Airport is in discussion.

The market is huge for both phases of this business

Phase 01.
12,000 Daily cross border workers in and out of Gibraltar.

Phase 02.
1.1m Visitors using the Malaga Airport to reach Gibraltar each year.

Please see my pitch deck for market share.

I receive emails and messages on a daily basis asking when the service is going to start.
The demand is there and waiting, I have great presence on Social Media where 90% of my clients frequent.

My goal is to establish both phases of the business within the first year and see good growth through to year 3 with an exit in mind for year 4-5 to an International or European travel company such as Megabus.