Giant's Cauldron Mead

Giant's Cauldron Mead

The money we will raise here will be for starting capital. We need money to establish a licensed brewing location.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This project is for start up funds for brewing mead.  We have tried and tested recipes and are now looking to move from a small personal brewing set up to a larger scale brewing platform. We have an eye on a location and already have a bar interested in selling our product. 

Mead is a wine made from honey and fruits. We would begin by producing our melomels. These are fruity sweet meads that pack a punch. We would then like to expand into a stronger mead and at least one beer. However that is far off in the future.

Our meads:

Freya's kiss - Sweet and fruity  honey mead made with berries that tastes like the goddess's lips.

Valkerie's wings- Sweet honey mead with crisp flavour to it that will make you feel like you're on your way to Vallhalla.

Loki's whispers- This gentle mead is stronger than you think, after a few sips you may find yourself on tables singing karaoke. 

Odin's Wisdom- This rich full mead will keep your mind reeling from the powerfull gods wisdom but won't cost you an eye.