Giant Sadiq Khan 'baby balloon to fly over London

by Yanny Bruere in London, England, United Kingdom

Giant Sadiq Khan 'baby balloon to fly over London
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Following the success of our "Baby Khan" balloon crowdfunder, we are now accepting ongoing donations of support.

by Yanny Bruere in London, England, United Kingdom

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John Light 20th June 2019

Being grossly incompetent is one thing. Being grossly ill-mannered is another. Making a public exhibition of it all whilst insulting the President of your greatest historical ally is way over the top.

Paul Malone 11th March 2019

Muslim Khant is on the queens privvy council! Why? Dianne Abacus is on the queens privvy council! Why? Many more.. The queen is actually german! Why? We are living under a zionist, central bank controlled, rothschild & rockerfeller paedo network, kazarian vatican nazzi globalist, soros et al CIA corruption and We will be slaves no more. The end of the globalist cabal x

Dean Randell 18th November 2018

Can we have an update on what is happening to the rest of the fund? I was a bit disappointed to have not been informed of the event as In would have loved to have attended. I also want to know what else is being done. I'd love to see that weasel in a bikini.

Graham scollick 1st September 2018

Great to see this happen but please can it be explained while after pledging the £20 I wasn’t notified by email or included in anyway as is clearly stated as a reward for the pledge. Anyone else been just ignored ?

Antonia Symes 31st August 2018

Absolutely spot on with your balloon image of Mr Khan!! and if I may say so 'Yellow' is the most appropriate colour!! Time for a change Mr Khan I think you should pack your bags(Bikinis too)!! and-------------disappear.

Jane Alexander 30th August 2018

Heartbroken that we have this hollow sham of a man as Mayor of this great City of ours. A visionless Dangerous unhappy unsmiling mediocrity consumed wit talking London down and cares so little about the crime taking place under his watch. I am counting the days... Make London Great Again - Let's Boot Khan out.

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