Ghouls and Goblins short film

by Ashley Walsh in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

Ghouls and Goblins short film


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We are creating a modern romcom that explores the relationship between gamers and their favourite video games.

by Ashley Walsh in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

Ghouls and Goblins is a modern day Rom-com with fantasy elements. The story follows the protagonist Morgan, an introverted man-child, who doesn't have much in the way of life experience. Everything changes when he meets a love interest from his favourite game.

Inspirations for the film aesthetically comes from 8-bit platform games, specifically Ghosts n Goblins.  This will be reflected in the films vibrant colour scheme and mock-up logos . The goal is to create a believable game universe that draws influence from existing ones. The whole film will be live action, which makes props all the more important.

We already have several locations in mind that will suit the films setting, we are lucky enough to have some beautiful locations in Bournemouth, our local area.

This will be an ambitious, but achievable, film so long as we get the funding we need. The largest portion of the budget will be spent on props, costume and general set design. The rest of the budget will spent on general expenditure, like actors travel and food. Everyone on-board is as passionate about bringing this project to life.


Ashley Walsh - It will be my job to keep things together when we are in the thick off it. This is my first film directing, but I've been on enough film sets to know how things should go, ish.


Jack Greenwood - Jack is big fan of Dungeons and Dragons, so this film is right up his alley. He can't wait to bring this story to life.  He's the eyes of the entire shoot, Jack is responsible for making the film look as pretty as possible. We have already found some great places to film on the cheap!

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Make-up artist

Amelia Gaughan - An amazing make-up artists I've had the pleasure of working with before. She will be helping transform the characters into their video game selves and back again. We are excited to show Melissa's transformation at the end of the film...


Rebecca Bowdler


Ollie Hudson


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You have fed a crew member, my faithful Goblin. I will personally thank you and you will be remembered for you generosity in the end credits.

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Ghoulishly awesome! You will get early-access to finished film before it goes full online. Includes previous rewards.

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Dark Apparition

The spookiest reward! Access to all versions of the script, including the scarily bad first draft. We will also release any of the funnier bloopers, which will be equally as scary! This includes all previous rewards.

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Biggest fan tier. You will receive a copy of Morgans Ghouls & Goblins t-shirt featured in the film. Includes all previous tiers.

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Ghoul slayer Gothgan

The baddest mofo in all the land! You have slayed many a ghoul. You receive a prop bone from one of Gothgans many fallen enemies. This reward also knights you as executive producer of the film. Includes previous rewards.

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