GG Lounge -Aberdeen's first gaming & comic lounge.

GG Lounge -Aberdeen's first gaming & comic lounge.

Help start up a social hangout for gamers, comic fans and like minded people to meet and hang out.

We did it!

On 15th May 2016 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporter in 56 days

Calling all gamers, comic fans and other like minded beings!!!!

Hi there. My name is Dawid and welcome to my campaign. I am a freelance video game level designer and QA tester for both indie and AAA companies.

So. You probability asking yourself what is the point of this campaign. The main idea behind the project is to create a place where gamers, comic book fans can go to in order meet new people, have a great time a socialize out side of their screens  and 4 walls. As well as create a new market for competitive e-sports teams in the North East by offering official events and tournaments with partnered companies.

The recent success of local events such as GCCC '15 and great interest in upcoming  4TG GameCon, show that there is a great need for a place where such minded individuals can meet more than only couple times a year.

The GG Lounge will feature such aspects as:

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Pc gaming

  • Console gaming

  • Lan Parties

  • Events

  • Officially licensed tournaments with prizes

  • Live streams

  • Board games

  • Comic books

  • Free meet up room for various group meets

  • and more

I am already in talks with companies such as Blizzard Entertainment, Riot Games and Valve to gain a official license for use as a official tournaments with possible in game prizes being offered.

What We Need & What You Get.

To get this project of the ground and completed we are currently looking for at least £80,000 required funding. The first £10,000 hopefully would be gathered from this campaign with the rest  coming from various possible grants or loans available.

The complete funding of £10,000 from this campaign would help to secure a location for us to work with. Also reaching the goal 100% would mean that we would have greater standing point when it would come to persuade companies for sponsorship offers.

All of the  funding above will be covering the necessary licenses for games that we would be using, all of the required hardware, renovation and rent for the start.

Also by showing support thought donating, you will receive such perks as: your name on the contributors wall, t-shirts, store discounts, invitation to a pre-oppening of GG Lounge and more.

How will the project be kept alive?

In the long run, the lounge will be kept alive by various means from selling time on the pc and consoles and sale of snack and drinks, to selling merchandise and sponsoring deals.

How would this impact local community?

The main aim of the project is to impact Aberdeen with a destructive force......Sadly I was told that such thing is not possible.

Therefore the project will mostly give kids somewhere to go after school, and meet new people that would share similar interests. Give many people reason to go and leave the unknown that is outside of their known 4 walls. It will also create an ability for gamers to try and create a competition teams that would work as a team to compete in numerous tournaments and events.

Risks & Challenges.

As with any new business as well as crowdfunding campaign there are few risks and challenges  that we will have to experience or risk experiencing.

This include:

  • Going into debt

  • Hardware malfunctions

  • Broken Equipment

  • Going Bankrupt

Happy I believe that the severe and careful planing that was put into this project will help us to avoid most of the risks.

Other Ways You Can Help.

I know that not everyone interested in the campaign can help by donating, but did you know that you can help regardless?

That's right.

Share this page on any social media in the world that you are using, let your friends, parents even your pet know.

If you have any questions about the following campaign feel free to ask on our Facebook page.

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