Help get Yazmyn to the UK Music Video Awards!

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I'm trying to get to the UK Music Video Awards, as a video I took part in has been nominated for Best Interactive Video!

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Hello! You may know me first and foremost for my singing, looping, and music. I also have Synesthesia - I see music as colours, textures, and shapes. I was asked to take part in a music video created by film-maker/director John Lynch ( He says this about the video "Crackle Pop" by Human Pyramids:

"We asked several volunteers with Synesthesia who "see" music as colours and shapes to listen to individual instrument parts for our song Crackle Pop. We then re-created those descriptions in the video so you can experience Synesthesia for yourself!"

To create a world of Synesthesia for non-synesthetes has been a long-term goal of mine - to be able to recreate my own Synesthesia in a future video would be a dream! I am honoured to have been a part of this one. You can check out the video on YouTube here (

There is a 10-minute documentary about the video, which features interviews (one is mine), and more explanation about how the film was created. This film has been nominated for a UK Music Video Award! Which is super exciting! You can see the other nominations and categories here: (

So this brings me to why I've created the page - I would love the opportunity to be able to attend the award ceremony, which is on the 25th October. Tickets are over £200 and my budget, as much as I wish it could, won't stretch!

If you would like to experience in 360VR, it is being shown as part of The Raindance Film Festival. You can buy tickets here:

I would appreciate it very if you could contribute anything - even a pound ;) Otherwise, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the video/experience!

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