Getting to Artifice The Video

by artificeplays in Waverley District

We did it
On 30th November 2015 we successfully raised £2,111 with 36 supporters in 60 days

To make a great, professionally produced video to SHOW our potential audiences just how good a product they've been missing.

by artificeplays in Waverley District

New stretch target

If we shoot over the top of our £2000 target, it will instantly enable us to increase some of the production values of the video, and to pay for the production and postage of DVDs to supplement online publication of the video. We're also hoping that this project will form the first episode of an on-line narrative about Artifice and our activities which through which we can maintain visibility and grow our audiences. We may also be able to begin seriously to plan an educational package, which has been in our thinking pretty well since the beginning, but which needs resourcing.

Project aim

To solve the problem that we have a selling point so unique that it's under-appreciated. To make a great, professionally produced video which will SHOW our potential bookers, and audiences, just how good a product they could be exploiting and enjoying.

About the project

We're Artifice - a company of professional players uniquely offering site-specific, tailored performances of classical plays in heritage places. 

Led by Artistic Director Kate Napier, erstwhile Head of Curriculum at the Guildford School of Acting, with a PhD in theatre studies - a research interest focusing on the active relationship between theatrical action and audiences, we have a database of nearly 50 actors, over half of whom have worked with us occasionally or frequently, the others are hoping to when we can offer the right opportunity. 

We're part of Godalming-based LynchPin Productions Theatre Company, and we've played venues from Guildford to Bath as well as within Surrey. We've played theatres in the conventional way, but we've also played for conferences and events, at festivals and celebrations. We've played for National Trust and Historic Houses Association properties.

Five years since our successful launch at the Edinburgh Fringe, and with some great venues behind us, we're raising our game. We have a great product. No-one else does what we do. Everyone who sees it loves it. We want to increase the number of event, house, entertainment, programme managers who understand just how amazing we are and want to book us.

Our work with 18c plays like Inchbald's Lovers' Vows has delighted and enlightened academics, for whom seeing these texts embodied, and in 'real' settings is often a new experience. We've worked in conference settings both in performance, but also in workshop-style sessions, supplying practitioners' approaches to complement the academic analysis.

Operating so close to GSA (many of the actors who work with us are GSA alumni), we also offer rare opportunities to work with heightened, but accessible classic text in unique, intimate settings, providing valuable skill development and experience.

But we have a problem. We're suffering from our uniqueness! If we were doing open air Shakespeare, it would be clear to all what we're offering. As it is, we don't have that recognition factor helping us to gain traction with venue, programme and event managers. You can only do so much with paper and email. What's special about Artifice is that we offer a unique, intimate audience experience, matching our performance to the space we're in, so that the room is where the action takes place, and the audience is part of it all. We need to be able to SHOW this, not just tell.

We want to create something more dynamic, something visual which captures more of what we have to offer: a video introduction to how Artifice works, what it looks like, what we're like to work with. We want this to be just a start on an on-going narrative about Artifice's work.

We have Mark Perry of Pear Tree Films on board to do the production for us.

Chawton House Library - where it all started - have agreed to be our location.

Actors are standing by, some of the costumes are in place. All we need now is to fund the rest of the production process. Which is where you come in.

It's possible that you've seen one or more of our shows. Audiences have been very enthusiastic and complementary about us, so chances are that you feel the same way, and want to see more!

It's possible that you know of us by repute and would like to know more - whether you're a theatre practitioner or a theatre-lover, or really enjoy a great experience in a lovely place.

It's possible that you'd like to work with us.

It's just possible that you're an event or visitor experience manager and we could be the answer to your programming problem, but you haven't seen us - yet!

This can only happen if we raise our promotion game, which is why we're hoping you'll get on board with this great project, back us with what you can afford - or with skills or time, and help Artifice move into the next realm. 

Part of our longer-term ambition is to create an educational programme, bringing the under-exposed corpus of amazing plays from the long eighteenth century to school, college and other educational communities, and exploring with them the nature of relationship, action and audience which these plays enable.

Artifice is an aspect of LynchPin Productions Theatre Company Ltd (, and the full force of the Company's Board and Associate Artists are behind this project. We hope you will be too!!!


Just over half way through the campaign -

- well over half way to target

Badges have gone out to the £20+ pledgers, and these thank-you cards are waiting to be personalised, signed by the video team and sent out to the £50+ pledgers. NINE of them so far. Two new members of the crowd joined today.

It's all rather exciting. Come and join us!

THANK YOU to all who have pledged, given and otherwise contributed to our success so far.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

A thank you on social media for believing in our project, and email updates including photos from the shoot.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

Everything for £10, plus an 'I'm abetting Artifice' badge and a credit on the video

£50 or more

£50 Reward

All the above, plus a personal 'Thank you for abetting Artifice' postcard signed by the team, and credit on the website

£100 or more

£100 Reward

All the above PLUS 2 comps to an Artifice show of choice, free programmes, a meet and greet with the cast. NOTE the delivery date for the show entry will depend on how our programme develops, and may be subject to availability.

£500 or more

£500 Reward

All the above, with 10 comps to an Artifice show of choice, free programmes, meet and greet with the cast PLUS ad space for your company in programmes for a year. NOTE the delivery date for the show entry will depend on how our programme develops, and may be subject to availability.

£1,000 or more

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£1,000 Reward

As for £500, AND Within geographic reasonableness, Artifice will perform at your wedding, function ... NOTE the delivery date for the show entry will depend on how our programme develops, and may be subject to availability.

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