Getting Kieran Treatment

by Carla Portsmouth in Ashford, England, United Kingdom


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Kieran needs to raise funds to be able to travel abroad for treatment he can’t get in the UK.

by Carla Portsmouth in Ashford, England, United Kingdom

1606314975_cpqy1473.jpgKieran was a very active young man, he played football every weekend with a local team, was an active member of Axis youth productions, singing, dancing, performing. His dream was to be a PE Teacher, unless he made it to the Professional Footballers leagues.

At 15 he came to me complaining that his left leg felt strange, it wasn't doing what he wanted it to do. He carried on living life to the full and I made arrangements to visit the GP. From there we went on to all sorts of specialists and eventually we got to the Neurologists at Great Ormand Street. It was here that we learned he had MS, well probably!!

It took some time to get a full diagnosis, around 2 or 3 years but eventually after lots of physio, tests and misdiagnosis and sadly much deterioration he was told that he had Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. 

A little light went out! He lost his fight! He couldn't see the point in trying when the prognosis was bleak. He became much lower than he had ever been, fighting fatigue and depression when you've no fight left. It was so hard for him and so hard for the rest of us to watch his struggle. 

8 Years On!! Kieran is now in a wheelchair and finding life a continual struggle, he's managed to preserve his sense of humour (however wonky) and until last year he was trying to find regular employment. He had regained a little of the fighter but he couldn't see any light in the the dark tunnel. 

He recently made a new friend who is taking the time to work with him and do a weekly exercise workout, we are hopeful that this will help in many ways.

The next stage, after trying many avenues was to look worldwide and we have found a clinic in Switzerland, Austria and Moscow that will (fingers crossed) be able to provide him with Stem Cell Treatment. 

The changes that people have experienced with this treatment are huge and we are quietly optimistic that this will have an impact on Kieran, his fatigue, his balance and ultimately his ability to walk.

We need your help to finance this treatment and are therefore asking anyone who can to give, even if it's just £1.00. 

After Covid we hope to organise some social events to raise funds and we will let you know when these will be via FB and other social media. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you if you are able to help us reach this massive target and allow me, his mum, to try and fix him a little, as a Mum I am sure many of you will understand the feeling of helplessness, we are supposed to make everything better and in this case, I can't do it on my own.

Much Love

Carla x 


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