Getting Into Our Own Gym&Supporting more Families!

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Getting Into Our Own Gym&Supporting more Families!

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Nemo's is a vibrant community. 1 year in, we already have wait lists, we're limited by space and equipment. With your help we can serve more

After such a year as 2020 and all the effects of this pandemic, we have been a light for so many families and they have been a light for us and our families. We call our coaching staff our TEAM, because Together Everyone Achieves More. This is vital to a vibrant and thriving community. We aren’t trying to change the world, we only want to help build Confidence, Commitment and Character that will help improve those who come through our Welcoming, Inclusive and Nurturing doors.

In just a year, Nemo's Gymnastics has accomplished so much because of trust and support from people like you! Thanks in large part to our amazing community of gymnasts and their families sharing their love of Nemo's Gymnastics with friends, we're already full to bursting with growing waitlists. Additionally, while we are thankful for the space we have had, since we must set up and tear down our space every session and have access to limited storage, we cannot reach our full potential in our current location.

Our incredible TEAM is made up of our coaches, volunteers and the communities we serve. We measure success a smile at a time, with high fives and fist bumps (pre-COVID-19). Seeing an anxious child or an adult within their first session achieve and the shine within radiate outwardly into an infectious smile, that’s what has taken us from 34 members in our first session 6 November 2019 to nearly 200 members pre National Lockdown March 2020, with classes only running Wednesday to Friday evenings, 8 hours in total.

While our overall goal is to raise £125,000 (this will let us get the gym up and running and keep the lights on for the first year), there are lots of tangible targets for us to meet along the way to help us keep the dream alive and visualise our progress. Just a few examples: £50,000 covers our initial letting fee for a year. £6000 - Fast Track, £2,600 - 6 Safety mattress crash mats and 2 panel mats, £7,000 - Free Standing Uneven Bars with supporting mat, £3000 - 2 Full size Balance Beams, £895 - Kids Parallel Bars, £4,500 - 1 Full size Vault table with Landing Mat and spring board, £15,495 - 12m x 12m Air Floor. This list would see us fully operational from Day 1.

As we settle in to year 2, we believe it's the perfect time to look at the road ahead! We are very hopeful that 2021 will offer Nemo's Gymnastics the opportunity to move into a dedicated facility! This means more class possibilities (schools and community development, parent & tot groups, toddler and preschool classes, development & competition squads and more!) and more equipment (full size bars, full height beam, and a floor for tumbling, just for starters!). You can help us start raising funds, excitement and awareness, so we can continue to Welcome, Include and Nurture our communities and all dream about the future together!

We thank you with all our hearts!

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