Getting Children Mapping with Captain Alice!

AHOY! Captain Alice's aim is to get every Reception (4yo) and Yr 1 (5yo) child in the UK understanding about maps in a fun, memorable way!

We did it!

On 17th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £275 with 2 supporters in 56 days

Mini Map-Makers was formed because of my dream to teach the next generation about Maps and Map Skills.

I have been teaching GCSE aged children about Mapping Skills for the last few years but having a Reception aged child, I recently asked how maps were introduced at his level. The answer was that they weren't really until much older.

Mini Map-Makers was the name chosen by my son and he helped me design the Workshop 'X' Marks the Spot with Captain Alice. I trialled the Workshop at his school and it was very well received. Over this summer I ran them over 2 weeks in local locations and had 85 new crew mates! The feedback was 7.8/10 and parents were impressed with the presentation and the take aways!

Mini Map-Makers is all about #GettingChildrenMapping ! A campaign to reinject the vital skill of map reading back into society at the start of the school so they can build on their skills they are learning.  Since the invention of the mobile mapping devices, people have forgotten to read maps - a life saving skill where there is no signal or battery in your phone!

My aim is to start with my local primary schools here in Bedford (there are around 53!) and get every Reception and Year 1 child onto my workshop! They have fun, they learn, they make, they get amazing crafted treats to take home and they can display their own map making skills to their family! And they get their own OS map to explore and look at! 

The funded amount would allow the schools to pay £100 towards the current price of a Workshop - between £154.99 for 30 Children and £614.99 for 120 Children. Therefore making the workshops more available for all in the area.

'X' Marks the Spot


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