Getting back on the road!

Getting back on the road!

Repairing my bike after it was vandalised by unionists so I can continue to work and campaign

We did it!

On 11th May 2015 we successfully raised £790 of £775 target with 31 supporters in 13 days

Project aim

Repairing my bike after it was vandalised by unionists so I can continue to work and campaign

About the project

Hi my name is Creag I founded and run YesBikers and campaign for Scottish independence.

the night before our Hope Over Fear Seize the Day bike rally after putting stickers etc on my bike for the day it was vandalised the ignition was battered with a Screw driver and then had super glue poured into it. 

This is resulted in my missing of the bike run to Freedom Square! 

I now have a bill of £775 to pay for the repairs of the bike! 

A bill this big is near enough the entirety of my wages for the month and I am unable to get to work until this has been fixed resulting in me sleeping on a friends floor until I have transport to go home from work as fairs for busses etc will cost far to much. 

I am not keen on the idea of crowd funding for such a thing but I am no longer able to pay for my holiday in June to tour Europe or in order for me to move house the holiday I can deal with not going on but the house I can not pass up on plus making it extremely difficult to work. 

My bike was set apon by unionists that disagreed with my opinion and beliefs resulting in me being in a major financial crisis as I am only a carer and do not earn a lot of money. 

i have tried finding a cheaper garage to sort my bike or cheaper parts but have came up with nothing I feel horrible just asking for this but it's the only option I have left as my insurance does not cover vandalism and even if it were as I am only 22 my policy would jump considerably and my insurance is expensive as it is. 

I have no chance of finding those that done this to me and my bike as there is no CCTV in the area and no one around the area has heard or saw anything which is why I am looking to move house as I will have a garage to keep my pride and joy safe as I am a passionate biker and campaigner for Scottish Independence it sickens me that someone could do this to someone's property just because of ones beliefs! 


Any my little amount would help me get back on the road to work and campaign and hopefully move to a more secure location I really don't want to ask and I can not stress this enough but I have no choice. 



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