Getting into rehab

by Daniel in London, England, United Kingdom

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Weʼre raising £10,000 to Get into rehab.. I'm an addict in recovery. I'm gay & I'm a survivor of domestic abuse

by Daniel in London, England, United Kingdom

My name is danny. I am gay. I am hiv positive. I am an addict. I am a survivor of domestic abuse (by the grace of God) and i am alone.

I am trying to raise money to send myself to resedential drug rehab for addiction to drugs and alcohol which became a symptom of the abusive relationship i was trapped in for so long. Now i am on a journey to recover and start a new life which i hope and prey to be free from misery and pain, and free from addiction.

I am trying to raise money to send myself to rehab, it costs alot and i am unable to access funding for rehab services through the nhs.

I believe i deserve a second chance and i have worked so hard to get to this point im at now having spent many years trying to escape a toxic relationship which at times seemed so hopeless that i made numerous suicide attempts. I am not trapped on controlled by that anymore and i have been free from drugs and alcohol for 6 months. I need to go to rehab to get proffessional help to address my issues around addiction and to detox off the percribed medication i am on now from the doctor (methafone)

My journey of recovery had s already behgan and i have a long way to go and with ami am willig ng to do whatever it takes to achive meve my goal of living a totally abstinent sober and clean life that is happy and fullfilled .

Please help me get to rehab

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