Get K9R To National Youth Theatre Epic Stages

I (Kloud9Reacher) Need Your Help To Raise The Funds For My Couse Fee To Get To The National Youth Theatre Epic Stages For Summer 2016!

We did it!

On 30th May 2016 we successfully raised £1,163 of £1,150 target with 39 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Any funds made extra, exceeding over my initial target will allgo straight to projects led by OLTE and Kloud9Reacher. We are currently working on a few film projects at present, one of them being a classical monologue project called "Shake It Up" (you can watch first series here - )

We are always in need of help and funding, seeing as though every project we have done in the past has been funded by our own money as we havent been succesful in applications for seperate funding. These include projects like 'Karma', 'Feral Youth: Ashley Speaks', 'Kloud9Reacher: Roots', 'KA Stories', 'Artic Vybz- A talent show we held in west london Ladbroke Grove' just to name a few.

Details of where the extra money will go to, will be notified to bakers


Hi Guys its your boy Kloud 9 Reacher


I got some very exciting news for yall. I’ve just been accepted into the national youth theatre for summer 2016!

It’s a big blessing and amazement to me. I did not think I would get in of all the thousands of young people they audition each year. But its just goes to show that anything can happen in this industry, and hard work does pay off


For those of you who don’t know what NYT is. They are a world leading charity youth arts organisation. They train and showcase performers and theatre technicians each year aged 14-25 on west end stages, to stadiums, and not just here in Brittan but also world wide. National youth theatre and National Youth Music Theatre have taken on celebrities in the past such as idris Elba, Daniel Craig, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Hellen Mirren, Ben Kingsley, Ed Shereen and many more. Basically it’s a big deal, and a big opportunity to be part of it.


This is only the start of the journey though.. I need your help to get me there. And now this is where you come in.


In order for me to do this course, I need to raise £1150 by the 30th May, otherwise Im not going nowhere. Now this fee is broken down to be:

  • £989 for the course fee
  • £161 for a months travel to Rose Bruford College (which is where it will be taken place) as accommodation there is an extra £950, then we will be talking £2k and we don’t have that type of money. It’s a lot cheaper and better to stay at home. In my nice bed……alone.


I reckon….no matter fact I know, we can raise this to send me to the moon I MEAN NYT. Getting a little ahead of my self there.


Check it out.


If 100 people sponsor me for this then its only £11.50 per person. Lets call that a trip to creams. Or Nandos!


But if 200 people support me then that’s half of that at £5.75 that’s a sandwhich and a drink in PRET


But wait hold on a minute, If we can get 300 people supporting this ting then it’s a meer £3.85 per person which you can get a ride on the bus and a few chicken wings from KFC for that. And kfc aint even that nice!


I am aiming to get 300 of you supporting this. Not just because its cheeper, of course yes it’s a very good reason. But because I want to involve as much people as possible on this journey and to show you all how anyone, and I mean ANYONE can get to where they dream to be. Even if we talking about a shy lanky boy who was diagnosed with aspergers at aged 7 and had NO interest what so ever with performing arts and music until he was pushed into Lyric Theatre by his mum and school teacher. But that’s just a theory of an example person, not nessisarily talking about anyone in particular…..ok its me. But that aint the point.


On a serious note though, Ive come a long way, and this is not without the help and support of all th wonderful people around me. From holding my own play co written by myself and my best friend, to holding our own comedy series, improving over the years in my music which allowed me to collaborate with an amazing author and produce a music video for her book feral youth, to getting involved with other projects and agencies such as Latimer Group, beginning motivational vlogs that to my suprise have helped even that small amount of people but to great levels, and even myself. Im a type of man who is very passionate about what I do, and giving other people hope, vision and inspiration to do the same or even better. All I wish to do is create art, that can entertain as well as educate, and this is the only thing and way I see myself doing this, with this whole universe of imagination in my head, and NYT is another step of allowing me to unleash all this colour onto the paper of this world………wow that was a very technical speech.


But listen, you can support me by hitting the link bellow to my crowd fund page. Every donation will go through there. I will also be doing a few events soon to raise some money which will also be put through that page so have a look out for it. Im also going to be doing a daily vlog raising this and also when I get to NYT (you see the positivity) so that you all can be kept in the loop and see the journey and outcome of your help.


But I think ive spoken enough. Don’t wish to BORE your ears.......eyes


Run with me on this journey and Ill see you all at the top of the mountain when we make it there!


Peace, Love, and Humbleness guys


K9R out!


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There are some videos in here that was not initially created by myself, such as footage from previous National Theatre Courses and also the Latimer Group, Level Up sexual health comedy video featuring Arnold Oceng. Credit goes to such companies, I have only shown it here as an example of work I have done, will be doing and also an example of their work.

Music by Cazzie T


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