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GetJuiced! is a juice bar in South London (Tooting Market) that caters for vegans and those with lactose and wheat intolerences....

We did it!

On 3rd Nov 2016 we successfully raised £190 with 7 supporters in 28 days

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GetJuiced! is a juice bar in South London (Tooting Market) that caters for vegans and those with lactose and wheat intolerences. Supplying a multifasicted Vegan, GF and Sugar Free menu of healing Juices, Smoothies, Cakes, Breakfast and Lunch options and Juice Cleanses. GetJuiced! was founded in 2014 by Leon Morant and unlike other juice bars in the city was created with the real intention of healing people with allments through changes to their diet. Despite understanding the imporatnce of health we also understand the importance of flavour, indulgence and abundance, because of this our food never fails to lack flavour or intrigue. In June 2016 we will open a second branch in Box Park, Croydon. Your Money will go towards funding this project and be put towards: 

- Paying Staff

- Renovation of our space in Box Park

- Paying the deposit for our Box Park

- Juicing Equipment

- Branding/Marketing ourselves

What is Get Juiced all about?

Get Juiced Bar LTD

Get Juiced! Was set-up by Leon Morant in Early 2014 after making a sudden decision for a career change from IT to following a passion in nutrition. Leon’s mission then became bringing nutritional health awareness to his home-town Tooting.

Leon started out by subletting a space from a Wine bar in Tooting Market. From which he sold Cold-pressed Juices, Salad and Vegan & Gluten free cakes. From which he would make Juices for his customers and depart knowledge about their ingredients.

Where it all started. Subletting a space.

Get Juiced now has a catering kitchen in Tooting market and a produciton kitchen.  As well as selling produce over the counter. Thanks to the success of our service we currently supply catering establishments throughout south London such as MUD cafe.

Our ethos

Our ethos derives around the beleif that to thrive mentally and physically you must first have a foundational balance, which is grounded in ones wellbeing. Because of this all the food we produce is to create revitalising healthy, yet tasty and nutritious vegan foods and juices. All products are made using the highest quality ingredients and keeping mind biological effect on the body. We do not use artificial additives or preservatives. We also focus on wheat free, gluten free, raw foods, non-refinded sugars and good fats for example; Coconut oil. We believe in creating pioneering vegan foods and juice with undeniable great tastes and textures which match some of the UK’s most desired savory foods, desserts and juices. All our produce is made fresh to order.

Sugar cane, Pineapple, Kale, ginger and Lime (Our most popular juice. Rich in Iron!)

Juices & Vegan (Gluten free) Cakes by Get Juiced

We provide bespoke cold-pressed juices and vegan gluten free desserts and superfood salads. Our juices are 100% pure without any added nasties or preservatives. They made with high quality ingredients in a controlled environment.

The cakes are all made vegan with unrefined sugars, natural cold-pressed fats and organic ingredients were possible. Majority of our ranges of cakes are gluten free. (All Wheat Free)

45060-ef67e17e33da01e0f1028443feb71848.pOur Hand Crafted Raw Snickers. We make the almond butter, date caramel and raw chocolate all on site! By Emily


Get Juiced currently delivers weekly to cafes such as MUD. We aim to give our customers healthy yet refreshing juices to compliment their meals. Following the increasing trend with juicing we believe this will be a great profit to any business. Customer will leave feeling healthier and happier. Because of this we believe we have a yet another angle which puts us above many other juice bars. Because of our expansion we are also looking to expand and improve our delivery service, with this we will be in need of our own van.

What other tricks do we have under our sleeves?

Besides boosting retail foods business. We cater at many events throughout the year including markets, festivals and fairs. We also provide people with Juice cleanses which enables the body to cleanse, and detox itself of any unwanted chemicals or waste (which is vital for those living in London).

What your money will be put towards: (we want you to know exactly where your money will be going)

Renovating our unit in our new space - This includes lighting (£2000), refridgeration (£4000), interior design (£1500), electrics (£1500) Plumbing (£500)

Juicing and othet kitchen equipment - Sugar Cane juicer (£1500), Norwalk Cold-Pressed Juicer (£2500), Blendtec Blenders (£1500), Oven (£600), Utensils (£150) 

Paying staff - The basics! As we open up for croyden we will need all hands on deck from all members of our team.

Creation of our website - (£1000)

Our new Get Juiced! Van - (£5000)

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