Get John through university

Get John through university

Help me fund my degree, get some direction back into my life, and beat my mental health demons.

We did it!

On 9th Sep 2015 we successfully raised £70 with 3 supporters in 42 days

Project aim

For most of my adult life I have struggled with poor mental health which has affected my ability and drive to make something of myself, periods of mania and depression have ruled my day to day life with little to no help provided by the NHS. I have recently started to get some (small) amount of help that has given me in increased amount of control over my life, and I want to do something with that ability.

I intend to undertake a degree in computing and IT from the OPen University, however, as this is distance learning (agoraphobia effectively bars on campus learning) I would only recieve funding from student finance to cover the university fees.As this would not cover any additional course materials, software, books, or my cost of living, I ask you to offer what you can to help me get my drive and direction back.

About the project

A little background about me:I am 33 and living in York, I have been tinkering with computers for a long time with little in the way of formal education on the subject. I have been struggling with periods of mania and depression for most of my life which have had a marked impact on my ability to get and hold down jobs or complete educational courses.

until relatively recently the help I was receiving from my GP and the NHS mental health service was minimal to say the least with a negligable effect on my symptoms. However I have finally been provided with a treatment that gives me enough control over my symptoms to start clawing my life back.

To this end, I have enrolled with the Open University to get some formal training (and fill in the areas I never learned) in IT and perhaps even make myself a career at the end of it.


What the money is for:The money I am asking for is to cover the cost of the following things:

  1. Creating a workspace so that I have a usable space to study in.
  2. Upgrading my computer to be able to handle the workload at a reasonable speed and ability.
  3. Purchasing software that I will need or that will make the course easier (MS Office, Dreamweaver, etc...).
  4. Purchasing books to expand on the provided course materials to help me learn more effectively.
  5. Paying for other tools, stationary, course materials, and sundries (printing etc...) as they are required.


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