Get Zak's Leg fixed

Get Zak's Leg fixed

To get my dog Zak the operation he so desperately needs to fix his leg!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi Guys and Gals!

I have here my dog Zak or Zakkykins whichever is in my mind at the time!

Back in november 2014 Zak was diagnosed with DJD (osteoarthritis) in his front legs especially his right front leg after an accident which involved him losing his cruciate ligament in hios back leg and having to use his front legs to bare more weight. The insurance company have covered basic costs like x-rays etc but, due to time limitations on the policy and his condition getting worse recently Me and my wife just cant afford the operation required to help him.

The operation is called an arthrodesis which involves fusing the bone solid so no bending can occur in the joint taking the stress and pain away from hios joint. We have been told it is going to cost upwards of £3,000 to cover this.

Whilst my dog can still walk and go up ands down the stairs I am not even considering the worst of having him put to sleep.

I love my dog dearly and really don't want him depending on Tramadol for the rest of his life. This operation reaslly will improve his quality of life and take his pain away.

If anyone can help both me and my wife would be so very grateful to all who helped.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

John, Emma & Zak!