Get Your Geek On

Get Your Geek On

GYGO is made up of 3 people who love to geek out! We started it by putting our geek filled heads together to create something magical,...

We did it!

On 16th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £5 with 1 supporter in 56 days

GYGO is made up of 3 people who love to geek out! We started it by putting our geek filled heads together to create something magical, unique and individual! We love attending and selling our wears at Comic Conventions and Festivals around the UK. We design and make handmade clothes and jewellery, bespoke one off pieces and draw inspiration from TV, film, pop culture, fantasy, steam punk, comics and much more. 

As fellow geeks of the universe we are committed to also saving our environment, so where ever possible we upcycle clothing and shoes in to geek and costume wear as well as using recycled fabrics and other materials to create eye popping and eclectic collections.

Our aim is to be able to attend and participate in bigger conventions and festivals, currently we are limited to smaller events due to the costs of stands and transportation, we are appealing for funding to help us acheive our goals and build our business.

Our Sharon with Cat from Red Dwarf from our first ever convention.

Attending bigger shows allows us to reach a wider audience, the cost of such shows can start from £300 to £800 the bigger we get the more stock we take which then creates a problem with transportation, we would like to be able to invest in a van which would enable us to take our brand from a small car to a bigger venue. Not only that we would cut our accomodation costs because we are more than happy to camp out in "our" van in all weathers.

An image from one of our shows featuring our handmade jewellery.

As we mentioned above, these bigger shows allow us to reach wider audiences so another aim is to build brand awareness and build our following through social media. If the business could generate more money we would also be able to pay for publications and marketing which would then generate more sales.

Our biggest aim as a business is to also help fellow artists, although we do already contribute towards local businesses it would be great if we could also provide jobs for the future geeks and creatives of the universe. Currently we work from our small studio in our home, we would like to be able to move (eventually) in to bigger premisies, this would give us the room to provide jobs, more efficient work space and a more friendly and professional environment to work in.

Our handmade Game of Thrones necklaces

Last year we took our brand to festivals, everybody LOVES dressing up and we have the perfect costumes to suit your festival and geeky needs.

Festival Fairy.

We hope you can help us acheive our goals, one of which is stand at San Diego Comic Con (biggest in the world)

Thank you for reading.



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