Get Your Game On

by Nick Cannon in Fleetwood, England, United Kingdom

Get Your Game On
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To expand on what I already have, adding extra consoles etc to the ps4s. This will provide more seats and less chance of turning kids away

by Nick Cannon in Fleetwood, England, United Kingdom

I've worked a variety of jobs, installations, delivery etc, but never found a job which I could say I was happy in, until I decided to open my own business. It started to gain steam when I was finishing work late one evening and when walking home I was going past kids, ranging from 10 years old and up, just stood on street corners or congregating at bus stops to shelter from the rain. The more I thought about why would anyone want to do this it became more apparent that its due to the lack of anything for youngsters to do in Fleetwood, in fact not just youngsters, anyone at all. This annoyed me, enough for me to take action and start a project that would get these people off the streets and into somewhere that was safe and dry, and more importantly affordable for parents and kids. I've started off with 10 ps4 consoles and 10 32 inch LED TVs,just to get going and see what the uptake would be. Within my first two weekends I have had to turn kids away due to not enough room for them. This is where I need the help. I've exhausted my own funds in setting up, I would like to try and double what I have and move to a different premises closer to where the kids hang around. The more seats I have available, the more people can come in and not end up doing something stupid out of boredom such as smashing up said bus stops or allotments. I want to create something memorable for Fleetwood, something that people from out of town would come to and associate having a good time with the town. I'm just one guy trying to make something for my family and my community. 


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