Get Well Soon
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Get Well Soon is a short narrative film based on personal story. It gives small insight into what it's like to be a Women in todays climate.

by Gabriella Petrozzi in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

When I was in high School I always wondered why teachers were so obsessed with the length of our skirts. I wondered why just before non uniform day the girls were told we couldn't wear shorts or leggings and when asked it were told it was to protect us.  I never understood that until September 2013 when I was 15 and I was sexually assaulted at a party.

In 2017 Rape Crisis originations for England & Wales stated that 20% of women have experienced some sort of sexual assault from the age of 16. Thats 3.4 million Women.  It is estimated that in one year 85,000 women in England and Wales experience rape, or some sort of sexual assault.

We are told that we love to play the victim and yet only 15% of women will seek help from law enforcement. Even more heart breaking is that its stated that a third of people believe that if women has flirted with her attacker they are somehow responsible for getting raped and yet it is also stated 90% of the time the attacker is someone the victim will know. 

My film gives a small insight into what it feels like to be silenced, to not be believed, to feel shame, a feeling we can all relate to. It's not all about makeup and boybands; its the way that as soon as we hit puberty we are sexualised.  Its the unhealthy views society has towards girls and sex and the language that is used to describe us.  If a boy looses his virginty before 16 he's a lad, if a girl does she's a slut. Its the way that if a teenage girls look doesn't fit the westernised idea of perfection you are not deemed beautiful.

My film is for the millions of girls that have stories just like mine, but don't have medium to tell them. With every donation you are allowing me and so many other women to tell our truths, to tell our side of the story. 

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