Get Toby to Australia for a better life.

by Leighton Kent in Brierley Hill, England, United Kingdom

Get Toby to Australia for a better life.
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To get Toby to Australia for a healthier and happier life.

by Leighton Kent in Brierley Hill, England, United Kingdom

Toby is the most characteristic dog I've had the pleasure to know. Although to look at Toby you would expect grumpy.. He is actually the most affectionate dog  I've ever known..he is a 67kg lapdog, which is why this is breaking my heart. 

Toby has alot of allergies, for 5 years we have spent so much money on trying to find out what allergies exactly with no success. Recently his condition has worsened and I believe Toby now to be in pain due to suspected Atopy.

I have been given the chance to go to Australia, My partner and her children are located there and we have decided we want to be together full time with Toby right there with us.. But due to spending the entirety of my savings trying to get myself and Toby better, getting Toby over there is an expense I just can't afford without any help.

I can't just turn my back on toby and that's why I'm doing something I never thought I would do and beg, but if that what it takes to get my boy out there then I will, because leaving him behind could be the end of him, and I'm not willing for this to happen which leaves me with no money and no job in the UK. Please let me explain why splitting from Toby would be bad .

Toby is a Bull Mastiff. These dogs don't have the longest life span and with him been 5 getting him rehomed ( I would never want this) would be unlikely. Toby does require alot of attention due to the pain he is in as well certain things have to be done ( little excercise, dabbing of his sores every 20 minutes to half hour ect) I don't feel I could find anybody to take a dog at this stage in his life who's also willing to put the money in to look after him.. But I don't want to do that anyway, he's my boy, my best friend and I need him as much as he needs me.  

The condition he is suspected of having does have a possible cure, which sounded brilliant until we researched it, the medication destroys the immune system leaving it to build up (like chemo) Bull Mastiffs are prone to cancer and his brother just died recently of this, so i will not take the risk of this treatment after researching the amount of people who have lost there fur babies because of this. 

Although Australia does have cases of Atopy the percentage is a lot less, I'm Hoping that due to a different environment this could stop tobys flare ups and stop the pain he's in. 

So right now I'm begging for your help not only for toby but from a very self fish stand point, because I need my boy, my best friend. 

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