Get this Athlete to the World Championships

Get this Athlete to the World Championships

Get James Gibbons Canoe Slalom Athlete aged 16 to the Junior & Senior Worlds and World Cups in 2017

We did it!

On 14th May 2017 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporter in 56 days

James Gibbons is a Canoe Slalom Athlete, aged 16 from Nottingham. He is of Irish Descent and has the opportunity to race at the World & European Championships this year at senior level. Initially, his goal was to race at the Junior World Champs where he had a good chance of getting a medal. However, he has trained exceptionally hard over the winter and is at a point where he will have the opportunity to race at both junior & senior levels if selected.

James is studying A levels at the moment and cannot afford to raise the money to meet the costs of these additional events. There will be 9 races that require him to travel around the World with his boats, equpment and coach. The cost of this will run to £20,000. If he cannot raise the funds then this young athlete may well miss out on this opportunity to race at the highest level and put him on track to race for medals at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

James Gibbons has quite a following on Facebook and Youtube.  He publishes regular video output of him training and racing on YouTube which are often seen by over a thousand people. In return for your support, he will list you as a sponsor in his sponsors list and put a link to your website in his website. You will be mentioned in the Product description of each video that he publishes which is pushed all over the World through Instagram and Facebook. If he produces 50 videos and fires this out to 1000 viewers then that is 50,000 active backlinks to your business. 

James has the potential to win medals at the World Championships and Olympic Games for the next 5 Olympic Cycles because of his age. In Ireland he could be the first pick for the Olympics for 2020  and beyond, although this is competition based. With the right funding he can get the experience that he needs this year in order to be ready to win in the future. The films that he makes are interesting and enjoyed by lots of people. He will send them to you for you to send out to your clients. You get quite a lot in return and you also get to be a part of something exciting. With your help, you might be able to say that you were part of an Olympic winning team. It's unlikely to happen with out you.

The costs are to cover travel, accomodation, equipment and subsitance for James & his coach.


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