Get The Highlander Cafe Bus Powered Up

by Ramona Obafemi in Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

We did it
On 21st December 2018 we successfully raised £335 with 9 supporters in 42 days

We want to connect to National Grid and no longer use the generator

by Ramona Obafemi in Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

Who we are? 

A year ago, in 2017, we started thinking how we could open the restaurant of our dreams. We couldn’t rent a conventional space so we had to find unusual solution. And so The Highlander Cafe Bus idea started. We bought a double decker bus and we started the conversion. We stripped down the inside of the bus and built it back up. All was done within the family with the help of friends and family.

Fast-forwarding a year later we are now a team of 5 very passionate individuals trying to create a space where, like Cheers show would say, everybody knows your name. We are always happy to meet different people, listen to extraordinary stories and be a small part of your memories (because even 10 years down the line having lunch in a double decker bus while looking at the amazing views of Aberdeen beach would still be a ‘cool’ thing you did).

We don’t want The Highlander Café Bus to be just a business. We tried to help our community in the last year in any way we could from impacting tourism, promoting awareness about the plastics left behind on the beach to helping children from underprivileged backgrounds or homeless people. We are all about Aberdeen and we will continue to find innovative ideas to help the ones in need. As long as we are trading there will always be a project we will be involved in that has the aim of helping and supporting people.

The Aim

We want to be able to offer you more, speed up the waiting time and offer more to the causes we support.

We are currently working on a generator. We owned one at some point but that one decided to leave us. We are currently renting but even now we still have issues when generator would trip or refuse working. They are just like cars- they can break down at any point.

To get technical, the generator we use produces 10kw.  We looked into solar panels solutions but it would require more panels than we can put on the bus to power up just the coffee machine.

The only solution is to connect to National Grid for which we were quoted £19125

Being connected to National Grid means we can offer more type of food like vegan, gluten free, vegetarian, home cooked style dishes (we are currently maxed out and can’t add any new appliance), less food waste and more food we can offer to the causes we support.  


Any pledge we receive will automatically enter into a raffle with the big prize being a two nights hotel stay for two in Inverness at the lovely Glen Mhor Hotel Apartments for Christmas (24th, 25th of December). Breakfast included. 

Any pledge will have an entry in the raffle. More pledges, more raffle entries. 

If you prefer to have your pledge anonymous but still enter the raffle you can contact us in private.


FAQ Can’t you just buy a bigger generator? A bigger generator will take a lot of space behind the bus. The price for a bigger one is close to £10000 and we still have the same problem- is an engine and can break down anytime. Also we could do so much more if we had 24/7 electricity. 

Can’t you get a bank loan? 

All businesses in their first year barely keep afloat. Getting a loan when you’re not a home owner is very difficult. We tried this option but unfortunately for the time being we can’t. 

Why should I care? 

Is not just us that you’re helping is also our suppliers and the charities we support. The bus is mobile but the connection will always be there for another business to use or an electric car charging point etc. It could always be useful having that connection on Beach Esplanade. 

We also offer discounts and free meals/ coffees in exchange of pledges. Please see pledges options. 

Where are the money going? 

The money are going solely into this project. If the full amount will not be raised they will be saved and used solely for the connection when we will manage to come up with the rest. It is not to be used for anything else. SSE quote for the works can also be provided to anyone requesting it.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

Power up 5

Get 5% Off Voucher to any hot drinks

£10 or more

Power up 10

Get five 10% Vouchers to any hot drinks

£20 or more

Power up 20

For your pledge you will be able to get three 20% off vouchers to any items on the menu.

£50 or more

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Belly feeder power

Wow you are very generous. To say thank you we offer Scottish Breakfast for two on the house. Tea pot included.

£50 or more

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Power up 50

Wow! Thank you. We are offering you a 25% off voucher for any items on menu.

£100 or more

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Super power up

Wow that is very kind. For your pledge you have two main meals on us with drinks included. You'll also get your name painted on the bus with thanks.

£500 or more

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Super Hero Power

Wooooow you are so generous. You have on us a coffee a day for 1 year. You'll also get your name painted on the bus with thanks.

£1,000 or more

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Super Extra Power Up

We love you! You are truly generous. Thank you. You'll get 50% on any meal or drinks for 1 year. You'll also get your name painted on the bus with thanks. Voucher can only be used once a week.

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