Get The Dogworks a fab new non-slip floor

by Karen Wallace in Kilwinning, Scotland, United Kingdom

Get The Dogworks a fab new non-slip floor
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

We have to repaint the floor in our training rooms every 6 months, but what it really needs is brand new non-slip vinyl flooring for safety

by Karen Wallace in Kilwinning, Scotland, United Kingdom

We love dogs and we want to give them the best when they're with us. We can train ourselves to make sure that we're at the top of our game and we've delivering amazing service but unfortunately our training rooms have some old flooring down that we've had to repaint over and over again which over the years has cost a lot of money and it doesn't last. This isn't the best and it very quickly looks messy again.

We'd really love to completely replace the floor with some brand new non-slip safety vinyl flooring throughout so that it not only looks great, but it's easy to clean and safe for the dogs and puppies when they're here, but being a small business something like this is way out of our budget. We're hoping to raise enough to remove the old flooring and replace it with some new stuff that matches our standards and ethos - and our company colours!

I've researched online and found exactly what we need AND in the right colour to match our new logo - all we need now is the funds to go ahead and start our project!

Our centre provides dog training to both the local community and the surrounding areas and we also provide an opportunity for volunteers to come and spend time learning about dogs, dog training and how to look after them; helping build confidence and life skills for those looking to get back into work. We teach our students about responsible dog ownership as well as training.

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