Get Teo a Paternity Test!

by hattie ladd in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

Get Teo a Paternity Test!
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Raise money for an official paternity test that will stand up in court

by hattie ladd in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

When Sophia was a few months old, an NHS paternity test proved Teo was her dad but they need to get a new paternity test done by a court-approved company.

This has been put off because it costs a few hundred quid and Teo & Sophia's mum have been co-parenting fine without the need to change the birth certificate officially.

But now, things have changed. Sophia's mum tragically passed away last month and her ex-partner (who is named as Sophia's dad on her birth certifcate) has made a move to stop Teo having her named on his passport. We can only guess what his motivation is but he's been out of Sophia's life for years and needless to say it's not OK and it's time that Teo is recognised officially as Sophia's father - on paper as well as in reality. 

Sophia is now without her mum at just 7. She's already gone through enough this year - we need to rally round her and make sure Teo has the power to keep everything else in her life constant, as he always has done. 

Let's raise some cash and get the job done!

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