Get Team Witch (Pippa Bassett) to European Champs

by Adam Wyllie in Capel, England, United Kingdom

Get Team Witch (Pippa Bassett) to European Champs


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Please donate and help Pippa Bassett get to the European Four-in-Hand Championships in Donaueschingen, Germany to compete as an individual.

by Adam Wyllie in Capel, England, United Kingdom

Pip has been carriage driving for more years than I am sure she would like me to quote, and is an exceptional horsewomen. Over these years she has worked untiringly producing horses and competing her horse team as well as training hundreds of people, some already competing but also bringing and encouraging so many newcomers into the sport. This year Pip has been aiming to qualify to compete at the European Four-in-Hand Championships in Donaueschingen, Germany held within August. Pip just missed out on going at part of the ‘team’, however she has been offered an individual place.

This is fantastic that the all girl Team Witch have the opportunity to compete at the European Championships, particularly as the horses are just reaching the peak of their performance demonstrated by Pip’s 1stin the dressage at Sandringham International Competition.

The slight snag with competing as an individual is that you have to be self- funded which is a huge problem as the costs are astronomical for running a horse team day to day anyhow.

The entry fee alone is well over 1.5K, with other costs including overnight stabling for the horses, road tolls, ferry crossings, international lorry insurance/breakdown and fuel to deep down in Germany. These are only a few of the costs listed which now make the option of Pip competing impossible on a self funded level.

It would be a massive shame that Pip and the team are unable to compete due to the crippling financial costs when they have an individual place on offer and the horses going so well. Unfortunately Carriage Driving on an international level has become a ‘rich man’s sport’, and it would be a hugely upsetting if Pip (one of the few lady drivers) was out of the competition due to finances rather than obvious talent.

So I have a plea to you all. To enable Pip (Team Witch) to compete we need to raise £5000 to cover the huge costs of the competition. This money is crucial to enable the team to go and without it Pip will have to withdraw from the championships.

Although £5000 seems like a lot of money, I know there are hundreds of people out there that Pip has had a huge impact on. She is a fantastic coach and trainer, is superb at schooling and breaking horses and is just an amazing human being. She has promoted and helped the sport of carriage driving develop massively over the last 30 years, and will always give up her time to help others. She has trained, and produced vast amounts of horses and drivers that now compete at international levels representing the country, so I know there are people out there who will be happy to help her.

My request is that you think of what influence Pip has had on your life, whether it be as a role model, trainer, coach, friend or family and then donate, giving something back to a hugely talented horsewomen who would never expect it.

Remember we only need 100 people to donate £50 or 250 people to donate £20

This crowdfunding page is set up that if £5000 if not reached then all the money donated will be refunded back to you, so please be generous and think back to the impact that Pip has had on you.

This crowdfunding is not Pip’s idea, it is of those around her that know she deserves the opportunity to compete at the Championships. She was ready to withdraw when told of the costs involved, but is holding fire whilst we attempt to raise funds to support her. So let’s blow her away with how much support we can raise.

Thank you so much

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