Get Team UK Tchoukball to the World Championships

Help the women's & men's squads attend the World Championships in Taiwan this August. We are self funded & really want to represent Team UK.

We did it!

On 18th Aug 2015 we successfully raised £290 with 9 supporters in 49 days

Take the catching skills of a cricketer, the shooting ability of a handballer, the defensive nous of a volleyballer and the passing talents of a netballer and you will have a brilliant tchoukballer!

In case you don't know, Tchoukball is one of the fastest paced sports in the world! There are 7 players on a team and they have a maximum of 3 steps and 3 seconds while in possession of the ball, and a maximum of 3 passes in a team before they have to shoot. To score a point, the attacking team has to rebound the ball off a sprung net and have the ball hit the floor in court. The opposition stops you scoring by catching the ball before it hits the floor. Teams attack and defend at both ends simultaneously, meaning there are constant turnovers of possession and a lot of points scored! 

Women's Captain, Louisa Fountain

Why Do We Need Your Support?

The UK Men's and Women's Tchoukball squad desperately need your help! We would like to attend the World Championships in Taiwan this August, and you can help make this happen. We are completely self funded, with all players and coaches paying for everything, from flights and accomodation to kit and balls to practice with. To add another spanner into the works, our kit supplier has gone into liquidation - after we have already paid them! This means many of our players are struggling to cover the additional costs of paying for their kit (again). At the 2014 European Championships in Germany, our Women's squad came 3rd and Men's squad came 5th - we don't want to miss out on the opportunity of achieving more success on a world stage.

We are aiming to raise £5000, which would cover a range of things. First and foremost, we would be able to part subsidise the trip for our 21 athletes in both the Men's and Women's squads. However we also want to help develop the next generation of tchoukballers, so part of the money would go towards developing our infrastructure for our junior players, increasing the amount of training sessions and competitions they have. The money we raise is not just for here and now, we want to create a sustainable future for Tchoukball in the UK - and you can help us do that!

Mac Hofberg, Men's Squad Player

Thanks for reading, please help us reach our goal at the World Championships in Taiwan this summer.




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