Get Rotor Riot to England

Get Rotor Riot to England

Help bring Rotor Riot to the UK for FPV, quad fun and madness (Drone Racing, Freestyle, First Person View)

We did it!

On 10th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £30 with 1 supporter in 56 days

Help us to bring Rotor Riot to the UK for us all

Our mission is to raise enough funding to put on a show in the South of England mid May 2017 for UK flyers with the awesome team we know and love through YouTube that is Rotor Riot.

We have some big ideas in the making and our plan is to invite the Rotor Riot crew (hopefully all but if not, some) to join us in some wild and fun games involving QuadCopters/Drones and other flying madness. The event will be a community based event and run by the community for the community with some members of Team MiniAirshow involved - so it's going to be epic!

We already have the main event planned but we are also looking to take them on tour to fly some exciting areas - we are in discussion to showcase some the UK's beauty and history so imagine if we could have them fly at Stonehenge or some massive castle .. if you have any ideas and contacts we'd love you to get in touch...

Thank you for your support in this adventure and we look forward to seeing you all in May 2017

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