Get Rob mobile !

Get Rob mobile !

Please donate towards an electric wheelchair for Rob

We did it!

On 23rd Dec 2017 we successfully raised £544 with 22 supporters in 35 days

Get Rob Mobile!Rob needs a Pride I-go powerchair

I once saw a Twitter comment by my son Rob  which said one of the worst things about his illness was the 'crippling loneliness'.

Rob needs a Pride i-Go Folding Portable Powerchair

With this chair, he could see friends more often, but that's not the main reason he needs it urgently.....

Rob's father is seriously ill in hospital. Each visit exhausts Rob due to the amount of walking, the effort of getting there, and the emotional toll, but as the only family his father has he desperately wants to visit as much as he can.

Rob suffers from ME - some days he is bedridden, and in so much pain he can barely move. 

He lives in a top floor flat, with seven lots of steps leading up to it without a lift and although he is waiting for a move, this could take a while. This is why a lightweight, foldable, powerchair is the only option.

Please, lets get Rob mobile! A Pride i-Go Folding Portable Powerchair would cost £1900 . If I raise more than what I hope I would use the extra money to buy another battery, and some accessories.

Please help.

Thank you so much.

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