Get Real Life Coaching Project

Get Real Life Coaching Project

Mum of autistic teen desperate to get no nonsense life coaching business off the ground so I can help kids like him find achievement in life

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I'm the mother of Jon,  an autistic 15 year old who is bright, funny, intelligent but because of his autism and the way the world sees people like him, he is unlikely to use the potential he has. 

Last year, I took two diplomas. One in cognitive behavioural therapy and the other in life coaching. In the April I flew to Seattle to take my NLP practitioner certificate with the AIP.  I was determined to find out if there was a way I could help him learn the social and communication skills which were holding him back.  I will never stop researching and studying ways in which people like Jon can be given the chance to shine. 

I have had my own problems to deal with in health.  Losing my job due to my diagnosis of M. E, I forced myself to get better. Almost four years later I have gone from bed bound to fitter than I was before.  I have known homelessness, discrimination as a single mother and violence. No woman should ever go through that. No woman should ever feel vulnerable because she is a single parent. There should be no threats.  No harassment. No fear. 

Now I need to focus on helping as many people as I can. All over the world if I can. I have devised my own methods to improve our quality of life now I want to share this everywhere. 

I am a no one. I don't have an income and I am nothing special but what I do have is unsurpressable hunger to get out there and give hope and love to others who are struggling the same as we have. What is experience if you can't put it to global use.  What I need to do is get a coach to help launch my project over the next year. £10K will do it. 

I have much to say and give others. I need the chance to do it. For me but most of all, for Jon.  Please help. This all or nothing.