Get out of your head coaching ( GOH Coaching)

by Georgina in Willenhall, England, United Kingdom

Get out of your head coaching ( GOH Coaching)


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Increasing positivity & happiness in the world by supporting self-discovery & mindset mastery. Freeing one mind at a time.

by Georgina in Willenhall, England, United Kingdom

I left my  9 - 5 to make an impact in the world and to create a legacy for my children, grandchildren, nieces & nephews.  I invested everything I had into a coaching programme to get me started on my transition to self-employment & the online world! I burnt every boat in order to commit to my passion & purpose. I want to use my story to inspire and motivate others.  Being born an unwanted and extracurricular child, no knowledge of who my father is or what ethnicity I am. I did struggle for years with identity issues until I learnt the power of forgiveness & self-love. I was homeless at 15 coming from a loveless, non-maternal home. I was a very depressed isolated and suicidal teenager. I left school before sitting any exams. I had all the excuses and limiting beliefs and excuses however I worked tirelessly on my growth mindset. I started from the bottom and spent decades educating myself whilst also being a single parent, gaining myself 2 degrees. Becoming a parent truly was a turning point and gave me something to live and aspire for! I worked my way up through an organization to leadership positions and soon realized the gifts I had to share with the world. 

 I want to motivate and inspire others to get out of their own way. I want to be a catalyst of change for individuals that then has ripple effects to those around them. My vision is to be a Global influencer freeing one mind at a time through my coaching, my books, and motivational speaking to young people & communities all around the world. One of my proudest skills is instilling self-belief in others, enabling them to connect with their inner limitless self. Seeing people move from having no self-love, no ambition to believing in themselves enough to chase and achieve their dreams is a privilege and an honor. 

I lacked self-confidence and self-esteem, so I held back on many things in my life.  Gina supported me to overcome these feelings she encouraged me to do things out of my comfort zone and push myself further.  Due to this I have now overcome many fears, been taught to think differently to be positive and believe and love myself.  This has resulted in me getting promoted successfully at work and start up my own network marketing business, doing things I didn’t think I could ever do. 

I believe I am here to serve as well as be a role model for future generations of people with similar life paths as my own. Currently, I have no income for marketing and advertising as I invested all I had to set myself up so I am doing it all organically,  the money raised will allow me to pay for advertising so I can market myself to attract paying clients. I also want to create a website so my free content is more accessible as we all as creating some automation in my business. The find will also allow me to deliver workshops to community groups, University, school and college students.

I am also writing my life story but do not have funds or support to get to print, the funds raised would help me to publish & distribute. I write about my struggle to success story, using my life experiences and share my unique frameworks and methods to help others.  Once my business is more established, I will take my services to the homeless community, to partner with and add value to what is already being delivered, by other service providers as my way of giving back. 

Long term I want to set up my own charity to help the homeless community see a path and way out of their situation by tapping into their individuality, their successes, develop self-love and a sense of purpose. Providing access to voluntary and paid positions to become independent and back at the helm of their lives.   


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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1-hour coaching call, such as goal setting, habits, life purpose, positivity, limiting beliefs etc

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3 & 6-month Goal setting, planning worksheets selection of worksheets including life mapping, values, setting priorities

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4 hours of mindset mastery coaching online via call or zoom

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4 x 1hr accountability calls. An initial call to identify priorities and set a goal

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