Get out of Debt and Start a business

Get out of Debt and Start a business

My Name is Bradley Moon. I need your help, please.

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My Name is Bradley Moon.

I am 19 years of age and work full time as a service advisor. Due to circumstances with my family, I share a house with a lodger named Jo.

Due to the fact I have several bills, I wouldn't have much money to spend on myself. This lead to things that were completely my own fault and I have no acquired considerable amounts of debt that I am unable to control. The money that I should have been spending on bills was spent at the pub or spent in local shops and restaurants. I was living outside my means but not allowing myself to be lonely and depressed (My character is more of a chameleon based character, I can fit in with most groups of people and can't stand being alone)

Since a young age, I have shown a big interest in web design and development. When I was 14 years old I approached several people who gave me a chance to create them a website allowing me to gain money to buy items that my parents wouldn't justify. I am now 19 and people just aren't as interested due to the fact that technically I am now classed as an adult whereas when I was younger they saw a well driven and ambitious teenager.

I am asking for your help to clear my debts and to start the process of my own business specializing in web design, whilst I still work as my primary job of a Service Advisor.


For a small donation of £30 I will create you a website, this includes a year's registration of a domain name and hosting.


* Please note, a minimum of 10 applicants required.