Get My Daughter Back From Aleppo/Syria!

Get My Daughter Back From Aleppo/Syria!

Bring my Journalist daughter home from Aleppo (in Syria) safely!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My Daughter Miranda has been out in Syria for the last 3years, reporting on political, social and healthcare issues. She's been working freelance and selling her stories and findings to a well known online media company and and even more well known U.K. newspaper.

Since the recent attacks in Aleppo, my daughter has found herself in an unsafe environment as well as losing all of her travel documents and camera (I believe it's been stolen and she's trying not to worry us!)

She is reassuring me that she is safe and sound but hasn't anyway of getting back to the UK.

Myself (mum) have arranged for her to stay in a friends motel in Turkey once she has found a way to get there... from there it's up to us to  then arrange her flights home... This is where we need some help!!

Unfortunately, our family do not have the funds available to get her to Turkey or home From Turkey... we also have limited contact with our daughter Miranda. Please help us raise our target by the time she contacts again within the next 2 week she so we can get her home safely! If you donate, I will provide you with photos and evidence of her safe return!