Help reunite me family and get my Appa to the UK

by eloiseadams83 in Bristol, Bristol, England

Help reunite me family and get my Appa to the UK
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On 18th September 2017 we successfully raised £3,255 with 102 supporters in 42 days

We are raising money to ensure that my Husband can come to live in the UK. This includes lawyer fees, barrister fees, flights, and visa's.

by eloiseadams83 in Bristol, Bristol, England


Help reunite my family - and get my Appa to the UK.

Hi my name is Eloise and I’d like to introduce you to my Son -  Dhanda and my husband (Dhanda’s Appa / Dad- Kamaraj.

We married in 2015, but due to multiple UK visa refusals we have been separated for long periods ever since, and spent most of our married life in a long distance relationship.

Kamaraj missed at least half of the pregnancy, couldn't come to any appointments and was not present for his sons birth. He first held Dhanda when he was 4 months old. We need our family unit to be together, here in the UK.

After submitting a spouse visa application for Kamaraj over a year ago and it being refused, we have had to wait another year to get an appeal date. 

The appeal court hearing on the 30th August 2017 will decide whether Kamaraj can come to live in the UK by an immigration judge.

We have been refused a Spouse visa and Visit visas on numerous occasions. Why? 

The law: To obtain a visa for a spouse who has not got UK citizenship, the sponsor, (me), must earn over £18,600 per year.

In 2015/16 as a self employed  singing teacher I earned over £23,000 and I am paying every penny of tax against those earnings. 

We were however refused a spouse visa on these reasons:

  • Immigration didn’t believe our marriage was genuine (!!!!!)
  • I didn’t literally ‘bank’ all of my cash earnings (even though I declared all of my earnings and paying tax in full!)
  • Some of my earnings came from my childrens choir (Blue Spirit Vocals) The fees are paid into a  joint bank account, this money was also not taken into account!!!

We were also refused visit visa’s on multiple occasions as they don’t believe Kamaraj will return to India after the visa expires, (even though we submitted paid for return flights in our application).

Why are we asking for help raising £3500? By setting up this page we are hoping to raise enough funds to pay for: 

  • a barrister at the appeal hearing to vindicate our situation, £750
  • a visa for our son so he can visit India to spend 4 weeks with his Appa in September £182.44
  • return flights to India - currently around £400 but will increase
  • a new spouse visa application if the appeal hearing is unsuccessful. £1244.40
  • Re - take English test - 18000IR exchange rate currently £213.81
  • Re apply for house to be surveyed to prove its big enough for Kamaraj to move in £150
  • Assistance from a lawyer for new visa application £600 
  • GRAND TOTAL £3540,65

We have already paid £1000’s in fees for applications of visas, lawyers, house surveyors (to ensure my parents house is suitable), english tests, flights for me and Dhanda to visit Kamaraj in India.

We are a married couple with a 15 month old son who has only spent 6 months of his life with his Daddy and why? Because the current system is built on reducing immigration at every level - which seems to include refusing genuine families who meet financial requirements. 

If the appeal is succesful then the money will bring Kamaraj to the UK and pay off various debt we have aquired since playing this ridiculous game.

If we reach our target and raise more than we originally set out - then the money will go towards paying off friends and family who have been so generous to help us over the last two years.

As you all know Kamaraj is an educated man with so much to give. He would thrive in the UK if he was given the chance.

If you can help us try to bring our family together we would all be very grateful,

Peace and love
Eloise, Kamaraj and Dhanda

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