Get me to Beychella!! Birthday trip of a lifetime!

Get me to Beychella!! Birthday trip of a lifetime!

Raising funds for a birthday trip of a lifetime,I've never had a birthday party!! So need to make up for 32 years of sad birthdays!!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Please read till the end, thank you xx

Hi all, where to start?

Well, next year on the 12th April i will be turning 33! and ive never celebrated my birthdays!! No parties ever!! Ive now decided i would love to finally celebrate, and i want to do it to the fullest and what better way than to go on the trip of a lifetime! A lot of people may think that there are hundreds of better places to go as a trip of a life time, and to a lot of people that is true, but this is something ove been dreaming about for a long time, if i was to save for this trip it would take a few years but theres a few reasons why i would love it to be next year. 

 (Short story about me) Obviously im 32! lol I have 2 beautiful children, a prince and a princess who i love so much!! I live in Manchester and i work at Asda. I'm quite boring to be honest, work clean and spend time with my kids (is that boring or is that just the norm lol). I lost my mum when i was 19 (hardest thing any human can through, losing a parent or child). Before she died i never really celebrated my birthday anyway but it always felt special, just the birthday card alone, she used to get the most beautiful cards and write the most meaningful messages in them! Since she died birthdays just never felt the same. Sometimes i go out for a meal with the kids but usually i just rather forget about it and treat it like any other day.

Well ive decided that i need to put a stop to this! Birthdays are meant to be celebrated! 364 days a year we work, look after kids, clean our homes, wash clothes, take kids out and its bloody hard work and stressful. There are many people, like my mother that have passed away way too soon! Yes we are all going to die someday but a lot of us get much longer to live our lives and spend it with our loved ones. So yes birthdays  should be celebrated! Youve made it another year! Another 365 days!Another chapter! Ive wasted far too many years acting like it didnt matter and now ive realised that it does!

Now dont get me wrong, i know there are millions of more people that deserve donations way more than i do. I donate myself to help out where and when i can, as i believe we all need help in one way or another and if you have the funds and means to do so then you should. The feeling you get when you help someone who deserves it is a beautiful one xx This may work or it may not but i was always taught 'if you dont ask you dont get'. Ive also learned that you cant ask for everything lol I am in no way asking for any kind of big donation but for this trip to happen its going to cost a pretty penny! From flights,to festival tickets,hotels to spending money! I am looking at around £5000!! But wait!!! I had a thought......If i could get this to go around the UK or even the rest of the world, it would just take 5000 people to donate £1 each!! See, now that sounds a whole lot better lol 

So that is what im asking for, £1 and to share my page on. It would mean so much to me to be able to do this, 32 years of having miserable birthdays, not one photo ever on any of my birthdays! Ever! Not one! 

Coachella is a festival ive always wanted to go to, everytime i see phots or videos everyone just looks so happy like their having the most amazing time. The sun is shining, the music is playing and everyone is smiling, just writing that gives me butterflies! To top that off Beyonce is headling, and i am massive fan! This one time at bandcamp <(only joking) I went to Vfestival one year because Beyonce was performing, i waited for 10 hours at the front of the stage so i could get the best view, well when she finally came on (an hour after she was scheduled) my back was killing! I had to leave after the first song!! (I have a problem with my back but had done well all day, by the time she came on there was thousands of people pushing and my back couldnt handle it!) I was devastated!! But the festival was good though lol Wish it would have been my birthday then lol The festival starts the day after my birthday 13th April, what an amzing way to finally celebrate a birthday, making it last all weekend long!! In California, at an amzing festival, with thousands of people having a good time, it actually gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!! Ive spent months looking at Hotels, flights,travel,food,festival tickets, camping << but scrapped that because i tried camping once and lasted 1 night!! It isnt something ive just had a random urge for, its something ive thought about for years and after the recent tragic events that happened at the Manchester Arena its hit me hard! I need to actually live my life and enjoy the life ive been given. Obviously i love my life, my children, family and freinds but i think its easy to just stick in a routine and forget that you actually have a wonderful gift which is life, and its ours! To enjoy and make the most of, i dont wat to get to an age where I'm too old to able to do this or get an age where i look back and regret never even trying, so here i am, asking for your help. If you can and if you want, it would give me a special birthday again, one to remember and treasure for the rest of my life.

Well its late and i have work in the morning and i  could rabbit on all night but i dont want to bore you all to sleep, so will leave it here. I completely understand if you read this and think, this girl wants our money so she can go on holiday and then message me and tell me to go and get a life lol I also understand if you would rather donate to more deserving projects or charities, but i am just asking if you would like to donate or even just share my donation page i would really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Just a quick thank you if you have donated, shared or even just read my story. If i get to go on this trip, i will probably cry (happy tears) for the whole duration! I would also make a whole a video out of it, a 32 year old woman crying all the way to California and back, how amazing would that be!! (might need to start working on a title for that!) AgainTHANK YOU! THANK YOU! and THANK YOU!