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get me published

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On 14th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £5 with 1 supporter in 28 days

my name is gemma and i am an inspiring writer, in school i was bullied a lot and once had my hair set on fire and this has caused me a lot of pain and suffering now i am 28 years old i suffer from social anxiaty depression and dslyxia and agoraphobia and cannot leave my house but in all this i always had an escape in books weather it was hunting down murderus crimminals with alex cross or finding magic in the world with wisty and wit and even over coming obsicals with the womens muder club they are my escape and my salvation and have inspired me to write and have recently finished my first manuscript and have a publisher intressed in publishing it but becasuse i am a new unknown writer they rquire some money up frount witch i cannot afford and so i am looking for a sponcers to help me get started and get my book of the ground so i am writing to to see if you would like to sponcer me it would be my honour if you said yes. yours thankfuly Gemma Marie Brown

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