Get me out of the financial pickle I've got myself

by Claire Hutchinson in Stone, England, United Kingdom

Get me out of the financial pickle I've got myself
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I have tried every other option and have had refusal after refusal

by Claire Hutchinson in Stone, England, United Kingdom

I am embarrassed to say that I have got myself into financial difficulty. I have debt that I can no longer afford, part of which is to a very understanding friend.

I've not had an easy life, things were good till I reached age 11. Sadly at this time I became a statistic, yes I was sexually abused, I now realise that this has shaped my adult life. Good news though I have been through amazing counselling and it no longer has control of me or my life.

I suffer from CFS and am now registered disabled, this is the second bout I've had ( first time in the 90swhich lasted 6 years). Despite my own issues, I try to do what I can for others. I am a volunteer puppy walker for Guide Dogs for The Blind and I help care for my brother-in-law who has MND, when needed.

I try to survive on benefits and the wages of my wonderful partner. Sadly he has not been able to secure a position that gives him the wage for us to cope. He is working full time and doing everything he can.

We have sold everything we can, have applied for a consolidation loan, been refused. I am trying to start a toy making business to help. Due to the toys all being handmade (hand sewn) and my health it is a slow process. Once I have built stock I hope to then be able to sell them, small steps, but I'm trying.

Please if you can give just a small amount it will help. I find this process very difficult, I am proud and don't expect charity, but I'm at my wits end. My health is being affected negatively and I don't know what else to do.

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