Get me home
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To get Cleveland home to Jamaica because his Schengen Visa was refused

by Cleveland Davis in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

I came to England this summer to stay with my English partner and visit some family and friends.  I made a big sacrifice by selling my animals and leaving my dog in the care of a friend. My mum is 81 years old and I worry about her all the time, she is getting frail. 

I have worked hard all my life and have saved a bit of money for a rainy day, but I don't have much. So I booked a cheap flight home to Jamaica from Brussels where the flights are half British Airways.  Problem is you have to book the return flight first in order to get a British visa.  I also had to get a Schengen Visa while I was in UK to get the flight from London to Brussels and I just heard it was turned down!  I gave them my bank statement and a copy of my return ticket, my partners British Passport.  We were only planning to stay two nights.  I was so excited to see Europe.

Now I have three weeks to go and I cannot afford to book another flight and I cannot  get to Brussels.  It seems if you are Jamaican you can't travel! 

I am asking for some help in order to book another ticket from UK to Kingston so I can get home otherwise I am stuck with noway home! 

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