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To raise money for double hip replacements

by Derran Stephen Clews in St. Helens, England, United Kingdom

I was diagnosed with avasculare necrosis and chronic arthritis over a year ago at the age of 36. I was told I could no longer work at the job I loved since i left school until i had a hip replacement, i went for the pre op and stupidly my wife told me to tick the sleep apnea box as I snored. I was then told that the op could only go ahead once this was fixed and was given a blood test. I went to a sleep clinic, everything was then fine, on my return to meet the surgeon I was told I needed my bmy to be under 38 then the operation could go ahead, and ANOTHER blood test. I lost 5 stone and continuing. I went back to the surgeon and was then told after another blood test that my platelets where too low to operate and needed to see a haematologist, another blood test! Upon meeting the haematologist he was absolutely disgusted that the surgeon had not already performed the operation as all I needed was a blood transfusion to make up for my low platelets. The surgeon has now said he is refusing to do the operation at his PRIVATE surgery (probably because I am an NHS patient)! My bone crumbling disease has now spread to both hips and now down to both knees! Even though in his own words the surgeon told me over a year ago "we need to nip this in the bud to stop it spreading"?? Anyway I'm left in constant AGONY, I sleep when I fall due to the pain. Me and my new wife have just moved half way across the country with the aim of getting established, then buying our own house. I got my dream job but this disease took that away from me! My wife has been allowed to work from home  and now we struggle to pay bills

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