Help to nail this Chartership!

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Help to nail this Chartership!

Lets change our communities one step at a time! - I.e Lets nail this chartership!

We did it!

On 26th Sep 2016 we successfully raised £1 with 1 supporter in 28 days

Lets change our communities one step at a time! 

Becoming an Architect in the UK is a long and cruel process, for it takes as long as medicine yet with little rewards..and even after studying for year after year we still end up seeing our communities wrecked by hideous projects left right and center - You'd think that an architect with 7 years of  studying behind him would know better than to design typical off the shelf 'IKEA' type projects, but no - beautiful historic buildings get knocked down to make way for cheap brick cladded residential blocks with no character...

My vision, like that of many others, has always been to  create architecture that respects and complements the rich historic fabric UK is famous for, that seeks to intertwine with the existing rather than dismiss it and put up yet another hideous block of flats..

And this is where You come in - The final step of becoming a qualified Architect in the UK is to complete a 1-year long Diploma course, following which one can become registered and chartered architect, to do this course however students need to be able to find £3000 for the fees, which unfortunately for most is impossible to do as for the previous 6 years we have all been in full-time education.

I have been lucky to have been offered a place to study the Diploma at University of Westminster this year, however the fees are a pressing issue that could see me having to post-pone the course.

So there you are, we all live in communities which are changing. I will not be able to change the urban fabric we live in single handedly (no man can) but hopefully one day I can contribute to bettering the standards of projects that get built :).

Lets change our communities one step at a time! 

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