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by Lucy Phil-Ebosie in London, England, United Kingdom

Get Lucy Back In Business


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The global COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected my business and my goal is to restart and get my livelihood back.

by Lucy Phil-Ebosie in London, England, United Kingdom

I love my business. I love it so much that I have put 5 years of hard work into it. I take pride in my small business and asides it being my source of livelihood, it has brought so much fulfillment to myself and my customers alike. I never knew how much this business would contribute towards myself and my local community. As a result of serving my food and drink to customers everyday, I was able to build lifelong friendships and connections with the people I interact with daily. 

Pre COVID 19, I had such a strong sense of purpose with my small business and had lined up so many exciting and innovative plans to grow my business from strenght to strength. But then the global COVID-19 pandemic happened and it devastated my years of relentless hard work. This meant that continuing to run my business became very difficult and challenging and I have now found myself in financial hardship. 

It is my dream and ambition to get my business back up and running again. I would not only wish to get it restarted, I would also love to implement my previous planned strategies which would ensure that my business sees growth post lock down. With the money raised, I would be able to hire and train staff for my restart, service all cooking and baking equipment, pay my regular fixed costs such as rent, ingredients and supplies. I shall also put into action my growth and scale strategies complete with a marketing campaign to incentivise my loyal customers and also bring in a new customer demographic. The current menu shall be further expanded which would mean investing in more commercial equipment and I shall invest in taking more orders online to cover a very wide area of London and its outskirts. 

I also intend on donating a portion of my sales to my favorite charity- Geranium Charity shops for the blind. 

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