Get Kerry her diagnosis

Get Kerry her diagnosis

Please help me to raise the funds to get a life changing diagnosis that I cannot get through the NHS allowing me to have my future back.

We did it!

On 4th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £611 with 27 supporters in 49 days

Over the last 4 1/2 years my health has declined at an alarming rate. This year I have hit my lowest point. Having found that everything in the world around me is triggering migraines, dizziness, extreme fatigue, blurred vision, vommiting and intense pain just to name a few of my symptoms,  I am having to avoid many aspects of daily life. I have two young children (1 1/2 and 3 1/2) and even simple daily tasks like washing them I can no longer do as the products needed set off my symptoms. My diet has become extremely limited and I now live off a handful of foods.  I cannot wash with anything other than water. If someone wearing makeup kisses or hugs me my skin blisters and peels away leaving open sores. Walking past cafes, shops which sell scents and smellies, coming into contact with any cleaning products of any description end my functionality for days on end.  

Unable to cope with my life going from being a working mum saving to marry my fiancé to being almost completely housebound and relying on my fiancé to keep me safe and my children looked after my mental health has become bad as well. I have visited more professionals than I can count and have found there is a high chance I have a condition call MCAS (mast cell activation sydrome) I won't lie I got my hopes up- there was light- finding this isn't a condition the NHS will diagnose broke me. It is not a condition they currently recognise but it is one they will treat the symptoms of if I have a diagnosis. My GP cannot support me to see the specialists. They are baffled and presented with the information unable

to proceed with what is an extremely likely diagnosis. Seeing I have no future and my family are bearing the affects of my ill health (unable to pay the bills, buy food and complete simple daily activities) I decided I was better off not in this world and attempted to commit suicide. I found myself sectioned on two separate occasions in the last 8 weeks. 

I hit a low. Since then I have been trying to save £2 coins in a jar in the hopes one day I might reach the target to see a private doctor, get my diagnosis and start receiving treatment that may well change my life.  My family are caught in an awful situation, if I am unwell my partner can't work, but if he doesn't work I cannot save the money to see a doctor to be diagnosed, and if I can't be diagnosed I fear for where both myself and my family will end up. 

I desperately want my life back, to be a good mum, to start my crafting business, to provide for my family, to leave the house and complete the daily tasks I took for granted and to be a wife to the man who is currently giving up on his future for me...

There aren't words for what this means to me and my family. I would give the world to have a chance again, this diagnosis could be my chance. 

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