Get Jazz & Lewis to the European Championships

Get Jazz & Lewis to the European Championships

Having been selected for England it would be a travesty if we couldn't now get both Jazz (16) and Lewis (13) to the European Championships.

We did it!

On 31st Mar 2016 we successfully raised £640 with 20 supporters in 42 days


We are the North East School of Taekwondo [N.E.S.T].

Taekwondo, which means "the way of the hand and foot", was originated in Korea in 1955, and has become the world's most popular form of self-defence. In addition to learning and performing sparring, it involves individual and team (sychronised) patterns; breaking boards and bricks; special techniques (jumping); and, self-defence releases and locks. As well as aiding all-round health and fitness, the five tenets of Taekwondo teach young and old alike the virtues of courtesy; integrity; perserverance; self-control and indomitable spirit. 

The N.E.S.T team trains at weekly squad sessions at locations in Redcar, Marske, Middlesbrough and Whitby; and we regularly compete in national and international tournaments.


Simple. We want to get Jazz Kelly (16) and Lewis Healy (13), who have both just been given their very first international call ups, to the European Championships which are being held in Thessalonica, Greece on 11th - 18th April. We want to give these two young cousins from Redcar, in the north east of England, the best chance of doing themselves and their country proud.


Funding is imperative in order for Jazz and Lewis to be given the best chance of participating at their peak at the European Championships, where they will be up against other top-level international competitors. Many World and European champions take part in this tournament and therefore the level is very high. As part of their preparation, Jazz and Lewis will need to attend England Squad training in Oxford and warm up at the English Open in March, which is held in Guilford, Surrey.

All money raised through pledges will go directly:

  • to helping get Jazz and Lewis to essential England Squad training leading up to the European Championships
  • to facilitating their participation in the English Open next month
  • to subsidising the travel, hotel and equipment expenses that both will incur through representing England at the European Championships.


Unfortunately, ITF Taekwondo is not a national sport in the UK, and therefore does not receive national funding even though it is recognised by the main and founding international body for the sport, the International Taekwondo Federation [ITF]; as well as the International Olympic Committee [IOC].

However, this means that you have a unique opportunity to play your part in the developing career of two of Britain's top young sportsmen and women. With the right support, Jazz and Lewis are future European, World and Olympic champions and medallists. You could be in right at the start of the glittering Taekwondo careers that we predict for both of them. They have worked really hard to get selected to represent England in the upcoming European Championships in Greece this April. Jazz has taken five Gold Medal titles in national championships, and remains unbeaten for the last two years. Lewis is the current Scottish Open champion, and has medalled in every event he has entered in the last three years. Both Jazz and Lewis have high hopes for success in the European Championships where they are proud to be representing England for the first time.

These are two hard-working, highly committed young people who deserve their chance.

One day you might well have the opportunity of watching, or hearing about, Jazz and Lewis win major tournaments proud in the knowledge that your donation went a long way towards helping them in their successes. 

In addition, for each unit of £10 pledged, you will be entered in a Grand Prize Draw to win a 4-night holiday, for up to four people, at an award-winning Sykes Cottages location in Marske By The Sea from Monday, 19th September to Friday, 23rd September inclusive (see "Rewards").








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