Get Japhet (back) to Edinburgh

Get Japhet (back) to Edinburgh

Japhet Koech, star of the book Running with the Kenyans, has been invited to run the Edinburgh marathon. Some of his costs are being met by the organisers, but without help he won't be able to make it and this amazing opportunity will be lost. Last year he ran and came 5th. But he desperately wants to do better this time. Let's help get him to the startline. The rest is up to him.

We did it!

On 27th Feb 2014 we successfully raised £944 of £850 target with 42 supporters in 28 days

Last year we crowdfunded to bring Kenyan runner Japhet Koech to the Edinburgh marathon and it was an amazing experience for him. All along the course people were cheering his name. He couldn't believe it. The story was featured in the Guardian. After the race, before he left to head back to Kenya, he said: "My friends will be so excited, because, you know, when you experience success, it is not just for you, but for everyone."

We thought that was the end of the story. This young man who had warmed the hearts of so many who read about his efforts in the book Running with the Kenyans, had had his foreign adventure. But then the race organisers contacted us to say everyone was so excited to meet Japhet, and to cheer him on, that they wanted him back to race again in 2014. In fact, they offered to pay for his flight and hotel in Edinburgh. How could we say no.

So this year the fundraising target is lower. Things are a bit easier. Hopefully we'll have fewer problems with visas and flights and he can get to the startline fresh and ready to run the race of his life. If you can help, please, let's give Japhet another chance.

How the money will be spent

Transport from his home town in Kenya's Rift Valley to Edinburgh (excluding Nairobi to London flight): £300

Visa and other admin costs: £300

Food and accomodation in the UK: £150

Other misc costs: £100

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