Get Jamie a belly dancing outfit

Get Jamie a belly dancing outfit

Jamie is a world class, raw talent when it comes to belly dancing. 

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Jamie Walker is a world class, raw talent when it comes to belly dancing. 

Raised in the outskirts of Norfolk, Jamie first discovered his gift when challenged to a dance off at the local farmers' market. The rest, as they say, is history.

Jamie quite simply needs a top of the range belly dancing costume to unearth his innate gift. 

Jamie has performed at Will Young's 34th birthday party and actually starred as a backup dancer in the 2011 Royal Variety Show.

Jamie can belly dance to any style, but prefers to showcase his talent to Afro-Latino beats as well as psychedelic trance.


"When Jamie Walker moves his belly in the way he does, all my problems just seem so insignificant - it is a magical experience!" Will Young (at his 34th birthday party)

"Jamie Walker is top drawer, a true legend at the top of the belly dancing game. It is an absolute pleasure to watch his belly roll and roll and roll!" Chris Eubank speaking to The Journal of Professional Belly Dancers

"Absolutely mesmerizing. I was hyponotised by Jamie Walker's moves and grooves!" Pele in 2009

"Quite simply the best I have ever seen. Period." Bashar Al-Assad at the UN in 2014

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