Get James to National Youth Theatre - EPIC STAGES.

by James Lewis-Knight in London, England, United Kingdom

Get James to National Youth Theatre - EPIC STAGES.


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To fulfil a dream of being a part of the National Youth Theatre.

by James Lewis-Knight in London, England, United Kingdom

Hello there, 

My name is James.

Some know me as Jim, others as Jim Bob. 

I’ve wanted to be an actor from the moment I was very young, prancing and dancing around my living room. (ask my mum)

From university to now and through further training, I have always strived to be the best I possibly can in all areas of theatre. 

I graduated from York St John University in 2016 with a degree in Contemporary Theatre Practice.

I am now the Artistic Director of Clown Space based in York - a physical theatre company founded in 2017 - set up to explore movement as a form of communication. The ethos of Clown Space is to bring laughter and joy through the art of Mask and Clown, sustaining it through play and discovery.

What is the funding for:

As you probably now know I have been given the opportunity to spend four weeks in London working with the National Youth Theatre on their Epic Stages course.

I am asking for this money to go towards my course fee’s, help towards accommodation, travel costs and all round expenses whilst I’m over there and due to not working for a month I’ll need help with costs that I will incur at my home in York. The course itself costs £989 whilst the accommodation costs £999. As I will also technically be in London for a whole month, I will need all the support I can get in order to return home with as little financial stresses as possible.

I will be applying for the bursary which will fund part of the fees if successful, but not all, so I hope that with the help of this funding campaign I will be able to achieve my dream of becoming an NYT member. One of my favourite shows is NYT’s Angels in America, and to think that this opportunity will bring me one step closer to stuff like Angels in America, excites me immensely.

I won't pretend that money hasn’t played a factor in me not being able to receive the full training I know my creative practice needs. 

Coming from a working class background, my family have always given what they can, and I will always be so grateful for everything they have done for me over the last five years, believing in me and allowing me at times to depend on them, they really have had my back! But in truth, this has never been enough to do all the things I have wanted to do, and working with NYT could be the beginning of that long lost journey! 

Although i've never really had the funds to do much, with working hard and grafting my socks off, I have managed to somehow fund three years working with one of the best actor training programmes out there (Both Feet Actor Training). Working with Both Feet has transformed my craft as an actor, and its instilled in me the confidence to pursue my desired career with no apologies! 


This is not just a four-week course. This isn’t just a one-off training opportunity. This is a chance to be a part of something much bigger. Once the four-week course is completed, I become a member of the NYT company, which grants me full access to castings, previews and much more.

Most importantly I will be eligible to apply to be a part of the NYT REP company:

‘’Inspired by the traditional repertory theatre model, the NYT REP Company course offers free, practical, industry-based talent development in drama and performance over nine months to 16 NYT members. ‘’

My pledge:

My university training wasn’t the easiest of journeys, but what it has done is create a fire within me that I don’t think I could ever die out, and all I ask of you is whatever you can give, in order for me to continue on this incredible journey. Whatever you have, it will help massively.  

I will be forever grateful to those that have helped and guided me over the years, in whatever capacity, I couldn’t have done most of the things I’ve achieved today, without those who believed in me pushing me to do more, be more. 

So, I guess from the bottom of my heart, I’d like to take this moment to truly thank you all. 




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