Get Jack to Europe

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Get Jack to Europe

Jack is a promising karate-ka with ambitions of attending some prestigious karate competitions in Europe.

We did it!

On 2nd Mar 2018 we successfully raised £50 with 1 supporter in 56 days

At the age of 10, Jack is wholeheartedly dedicated to karate and wishes to travel across Europe this competition season to take part in some prestigious competitions. 

Jack has a very big dream for somebody so young, he wants European titles, world titles and hopefully one day he’ll get to represent his country at the Olympics. The cost of Jack’s training, equipment, travel expenses and competition  entry fees are sometimes hard to meet and we face the difficult decision of whether he can attend these competitions that are so very important to his karate career. 

We are asking for the generosity of friends, family and even strangers, to help get Jack to these competitions. We want to continue to help Jack progress within karate and we need your help to do this. 

Jack started training when he was just 4 years old, and what started of as just an hour session once a week, quickly turned into something so much more. Anyone who has seen Jack train, has seen the passion that runs through him and sees how through blood sweat and tears, he pushes through so he can be the best he can be. 

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