Get It Fixed - Visiting iPhone Repair Service

We are raising the funds to cover two-months marketing campaign to attract more customers to our unique client-oriented business model

Unfortunately, this project was not successful
How did the idea come about?

One day, I broke my iPhone. I was completely cut off from the whole world. The screen had to be replaced urgently.

There were few options: go to the service and pay a lot of money for repairs or go to a corner shop to fix my iPhone and pray that you will not get all the original parts stolen from the phone and have all the fake Chinese parts instead. 

I was not willing to leave the house and I thought that it would be great if the master came to my place and repaired everything quickly, in my presence. In that case, I would be sure of the quality of the repairs and I would not have to wait from a few hours to a few days until they fix my phone.

How did the idea change?

I realised all the problems of a person with a broken phone, and I wanted to eliminate his “pain”
To do this, I decided to take concrete actions:
Why us?

We started having our first clients. The company made some money that have been reinvested in two things: development of a new web-site: and covering marketing budgets. Hence, we were struggling to get to a break-even point and make £0 profit. 

My decision was to start working with professionals. In two months I spent more than 3 thousand dollars on cooperation with marketing agencies, which could not even make the results that I did myself. We spent all our money with a hope that our investments will pay off, but it failed to meet our expectations. However, the desire to achieve tangible results flares up stronger day by day.


I decided to buy the services of one well-known marketing agency, called Artillery. Now, we are at the stage of signing a contract. This means, that I will need to pay the fees in the nearest time. 
From my personal experience, the first month of marketing campaign can rarely be profitable. Thus, we expect to get to a 0 mark in first two months. We have developed a graph for you to understand how the money raised will be distributed. 
What happens after successful fundraising?

Our values

Please, support our project!

Your contribution is very significant for a young and extremely ambitious company. We came to change this market and provide the best service for our consumers. We appreciate your time, attention and help.

Join Get It Fixed.