Get Iain and Inkblot to Norway!

To match fund the transportation and living costs of myself and my beloved cat Inkblot, in Norway as part of a five month arts residency.

We did it!

On 28th Mar 2018 we successfully raised £2,740 of £1,800 target with 71 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Having reached the initial target all extra crowdfunding will go towards materials for exploring printmaking whilst in Norway. This will include ordering printmaking papers, inks and upgrading my tools. Norway is a notoriously expensive country and all the materials I order there are likely to be a third more expensive than in Great Britain. There is, unfortunately a limited amount I can take into the country without having to pay import duty. So I will need to be canny with what I take and what I order whilst there. 

Fossekleiva Kultur Senter 

Summer artists residency 

Hello, my name is Iain Halket and I am a Visual Artist and Theatre Practitioner. Last summer my work was recognised internationally and I was invited to be the 2018 summer artist in residence at the Fossekleiva Kultursenter in Norway.

The Fossekleiva arts centre and Berger museum are housed in the old Fossekleven factory, a disused textile factory built in 1889 and owned by the Jebsen family. It is situated in Berger, between Svelvik and Sande. Berger is one of Norway’s best kept industrial communities, and constitutes 32 worker’s family homes built in wood, two factory clusters, Berger farm and a small church. Today Berger is a living hamlet with fruit production, artists workshops and a beautiful red beach.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and it was a massive commitment to say yes to the original offer. The residency was originally a funded placement however the funding was not given at the very last moment leaving me with a  difficult decision to make, do I cancel this fantastic opportunity to work with a  world renowned centre or do I ask friends, family and strangers to help me?

The funds raised here through your goodwill and generosity will do 2 things, first; it will get me, my tools and materials to Norway and more importantly, for those who have met my cat Inkblot, remove this vicious feline from Scotland and get him as far away from the vet as possible! Second, they will match my own funds, which I am spending during the residency. My accommodation and workshop spaces are being provided by the Senter.

I have always had a desire to work in Norway as their arts policies are world renowned. Having already worked on a collaboration with a Scottish visual arts company (Vision Mechanics, Edinburgh) and a Norwegian creation house (Figur Theatret, Stamsund) I have begun to make contacts in Norway. I look forward to immersing myself in the artistic and cultural life of this beautiful Scandinavian country. 

Thank you,

Iain Halket.

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